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Tomorrowland is an Original Land at Disneyland

When Disneyland first opened in 1955, there were five original “lands” that were built to separate the various rides and attractions based on themes. One of those first lands was Disneyland Tomorrowland. The main goal for this land was the give park-goers a way to look into the future, and see what they believed the year 1986 would look like. As the years have gone by, and the park has survived much longer than 1986, the land has continued to show new and intriguing ways the future may look.


What exactly is agrifuture? Well, for Tomorrowland, that involves including agriculture and farming into it’s landscaping throughout the entirety of the land. One of the coolest parts about deciding to go to Disneyland travel vacations, is that the part tries to feed itself with these futuristic landscaping farms, which include grapes, strawberries, lettuce, kale, orange trees, and more. These planters are located everywhere. What you may believe is merely more landscaping in the planters to add some color and greenery to the land, may actually be in one of your meals later. How cool is that? see more from http://ktla.com/2017/01/11/disneyland-visitors-will-soon-be-able-to-get-fastpasses-digitally-through-new-paid-option/

The Talking Trash Can

The attractions at Tomorrowland are not only the rides, but the trashcans as well! When you go to this land, you may see a walking, talking trash can moving around. It’s name is Push, and he loves to make new friends. Push is a radio-controlled robot, which a plain-clothes Disneyland employee controls and takes around the land. The employee will have Push interact with visitors, and will often visit those who are waiting for some of the most common Disneyland Tomorrowland rides, including Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, and more. He is funny, engaging, and entertaining for all park guests.

Meet the Real C-3PO and R2-D2

DisneylandFor those who are fans of Star Wars, you may of course visit the famous Star Tours ride, where you get on the ride, and join the movie, and become part of the story! While most people know this, one of the best Disneyland Tomorrowland ride tips is that the C-3PO and R2-D2 that are located in the waiting line for the ride are actual movie props from the original Star Wars series. Each of the props were upgraded with animatronics so that the props were able to move around and speak to both each other and the guests in line.


Through the years, many of Disneyland Tomorrowland’s rides and attractions have been changed, removed, and upgraded. However, there is only one ride in the land which has survived the test of time, and has remained intact in the land. That ride is Autopia. It was open and ready for guests on the opening day of Disneyland, on July 17, 1955. There have been some changes to the ride, various body styles for the cars that guests ride, and the roadways that they drive on, but the essential ride has remained, all these years.

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