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Near on 15 million people visits Thailand every year arriving to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and cultural delights this magical country. The exotic allure and the value for money family holidays are what make Thailand so accessible for travelers of all types be it backpackers to international jet-setters.

Pattaya is a destination situated on the Gulf of Thailand and has gained a reputation as the party capital of the country. Pattaya also specializes in family holidays with its excellent shopping facilities numerous beaches and thousands of restaurants serving cuisines from the four corners of the globe. Pattaya is Thailands number one package holiday destination with a wide choice of hotels luxurious holiday villas and condominiums available for rental all year round.

Visiting Thailand at any time of the year is a great experience but the high season months of November-April are by far the best time of the year to plan a holiday. Although May-October can be unpredictable for the weather, it is the quietest and, therefore, a great time to visit the land of smiles. Even during the low season months the weather can be very good.click this site!

Public Holidays in either Thailand or Pattaya such as the kings birthday are always fun, but the bars are prohibited from selling alcohol that can take some tourists by surprise. So you have been warned!

A holiday package deal to Pattaya can be purchased for great value, but modern day travelers are opting for holiday home rentals because of the convenience and privacy. These luxury holiday homes in Pattaya can be obtained for very low prices with uninterrupted sea views private swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

Holidaymakers visit Thailand to take advantage of the all year round high temperatures stunning beach resorts and some of the best dive locations and coral reefs anywhere in the world. Thailand is a children friendly environment as the locals love nothing more than seeing the smiling faces of western children mesmerized by the elephants and the abundance of natural beauty.

The diverse selection of accommodation ranges from cheap guesthouse boarding to glamorous five-star resorts and retreats frequented by Hollywood movie stars. The affordable nature of Thailand allows you to live like a movie star when visiting the country, and a meager budget can take you very far if you are willing to sacrifice a few unneeded creature comforts.

The excellent travel infrastructure of the country ensures you can move quickly from destination to destination in comfort for reasonable prices. The bus train and domestic flight systems are reliable well maintained and very cheap in comparison with European countries. The local airlines always provide special offers on domestic flights if you book in advance so remember to bear this in mind when visiting Thailand.

Although Phuket Bangkok-Chiang Mai and Koh Samui are some of the most visited destinations within the country Pattaya continues to be a firm favorite with European and Australian families and tourists wishing to partake in a value for money sun-drenched tropical holiday. Renting a luxury holiday home in Pattaya is the ideal way to enjoy a family holiday in Thailand. The privacy and seclusion of a private villa alongside the cost-effective prices ensure you will not be disappointed.see post for more details:http://www.consumerreports.org/cars/5-roomy-cars-for-extra-people-packages-during-the-holidays

One the most endearing features of Thailand is the interaction with the locals and tourists. You will travel to every country in the world and never see the same amount of mutual respect and interaction among visitors and the hosts. The Thai people will make your holiday one to remember with their ever smiling faces and their carefree attitude.

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Thailand has become a favorite repeat destination for travelers from around the world because of its beauty the locals dreamy beaches and all round electric atmosphere that many destinations lack. A family holiday in Pattaya can be very affordable and available to everyone in much the same way a luxury holiday in Thailand is great value for money in relative terms. Thailand continues to win awards and accolades from tourist industry magazines and organizations. This is no coincidence, and the country has become very popular because it is a great place to relax and unwind in the midst of a highly fascinating culture.

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