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How to Get Cheap Accommodation Using Travel Hacking


We all love to travel. And yet most of us hold back because of finances. However, what we often don’t consider is how one can travel on a budget.

Here are a free travel hacks which will let you indulge in your penchant for traveling while being easy on your pocket.

Planning and Accommodation

Accommodation accounts for more than 60% of the expenses when you travel to a new place. Checking aggregator sites like can help you find budget places to stay, thus saving you a lot of money. Use apps like Trip                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Advisor to plan your city tours and find places.

Interacting with Locals

If you are around locals, you’re good. If you are at some place where only tourists are present, you’re probably getting fleeced. Learning the local language helps in easier interaction with people, who may help …

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